Day 1. Brussels 🇧🇪 

So far so GOOD! The entire day has been amazing! I only wish that Laust was here! I really wish I could share this with him 😦 But hopefully next time we’ll go somewhere together! 😍

I started my day at about 8-9 Am where I got ready and then stepped out the door at precisely 10 AM. I walked all the way to Grand Place, I managed to get a hotel right in the city centre for an okay price! Everything else was either too far out or fully booked 👎🏼  

I snapped a lot of pictures 😅

Grand place! (Gigantic !!!) and full of tourists! (Including me 😅😂)

The Grand place is very beautiful! 😍

I got lost in this city because of its beauty! 

After seeing and exploring Grand place I went over to the fountain of Manneken Pis, it’s unknown what the story about the peeing boy is, but there are many tales. There was a big crowd there taking pictures of and with the fountain. It was very hard to get a good shot! But somehow I managed! As a souvenir from that place I got chocolates that are shaped like the peeing boy! 😂

After the peeing boy, I decided to walk to the European Parliament! I walked through Brussels park 🌲 🌳 and I keep falling more and more in love with this place! 😍

Old statues in the park, this is a very big park by the way. 😅

The European Parliament was something else! I couldn’t get in because I was too late for the visit tour, and the next one was way later, and I couldn’t be bothered waiting there! But I saw it! And I took pictures of it! 😂 I saw a bunch of important people, with their guards and police escorts etc. That was something I’ve never seen before, it was intense! 

Shortly after I was done there I walked back to the peeing boy! 😅

I got myself Belgian waffle with Belgian chocolate! 😍 SO YUMMY 😋 

And lastly for dinner I got myself a chicken burger! 

This burger was probably the best one I’ve had! Beats every other fried chicken place 🍗 I got the burger from Hectors Chicken! 😍 Freshly made! Fast and delicious 😋 

That is all for today! I’m looking forward tomorrow’s adventures!


Day 1. Brussels 🇧🇪 

Taco night! 

We’ve been eating a lot lately, and it feels so good! So to all the haters that keep calling me fat.. I think you’re just jealous because you can’t enjoy food as I do.

Laust made dinner tonight, and it tasted so so good! My second favourite thing to eat is obviously tacos 🌮 

Second week in a row we have it! It’s one of the easiest meals to prepare! And it’s really healthy! 😍

Afterwards, we had chocolate 🍫 pie for dessert! Laust picked it up from the store. And when I say we.. I mean I had pie. ðŸ˜‚😍 

Taco night! 

It’s as if I’m always starving?! 

I hate scrolling through the pictures on my phone and alwaysfinding pictures of food😫 I mean yea I’m one of those people that always snaps pictures of everything before eating it! But this is getting out of hand??? 

I always find pictures of my favourite pizza!! 🍕 

It’s the kebab pizza with garlic dressing, and chips on top! I don’t know if it’s just a Scandinavian thing?? But this pizza is AMAZING😍🙏🏼 I’ve tried ordering it here in Glasgow and in Lanazarote, but everyone just got confused and it didn’t taste the same!! 

I made a short video tribute.. dedicated to this amazing wonderful and so very generous pizza.. 

And there’s an image of me and Laust with a pizza a few hours after we got married 💕 Honestly it was the best way to celebrate 🎉 


It’s as if I’m always starving?!