🍔 Thursday 

We got up at 6 am had breakfast and left the house at 8. We traveled for about 2 hours to get to Laust’s school in Malmö. His school is really impressive! They have an indoor skatepark and it’s gigantic! 😍 

After he finished up at school we went for a walk and ended up going to the cafè where we had our first date and our very first coffee together. We went to that cafè on our wedding day too. Right after the ceremony. We also hung a lock with our names on it.

And almost a year later, IT’S STILL THERE!!! 😍❤️

We got coffe and I had tons of emails to send, so we stayed for about an hour at Le crossiant, which is a French cafè that had us reminiscing about our good times in France 🇫🇷. 

We then went back and continued our walk, and decided to visit my old place. I used to live in a flat that was above a cafè where I worked a few years ago. I got to show and tell Laust about the place. The good and the bad. The place kinda looked the same, but at the same time it didn’t. They have done major changes, expanded the kitchen and built another room on the second floor. I miss living there. And I’m so very grateful for having had the opportunity to be surrounded by the people who run it. And they’re one of the few people I can say thank you to. It’s thanks to them and others that I am where I am today. 

After saying hi to a few people, and getting shocked over the fact that so many have moved..  we walked around so more, and thn than I finally went and saw a doctor. 

I found out that I’m alright, but for more precise tests I need to go to Bjärred and get a check up. But I suffer from anxiety and stress. 

We then decided to get the train back to Copenhagen and grab something to eat. We barely ate anything other than breakfast and a vegetarian lunch that day.. which was basically a curry bean sandwich.. I’m not that into beans 🤓

Laust wanted to go to yoburger but I was too hungry to walk all the way there, so we went to Tgi Fridays and got burgers. DELICIOUS BURGERS 😍

We started by getting appetisers, I got mozzarella sticks and Laust got chicken strips. The burger I got was the jack Daniels chicken sandwich, which isn’t really a burger burger 🍔 and Laust pulled meat burger which had a big chunk of homemade delicious fried onions 🍔 

I got myself a glass of lemonade 🍋 everything about this meal was perfect!!


Definitely one of the best burgers I’ve had. 

The best burger place in order of tastiness: 

  1. Five guys 
  2. O’Learys 
  3. Tgi Fridays 

The best part about the meal and the entire day, is this guy here 💖 The purpose of the spoil yourself parade yesterday, was mostly because Laust got accepted to the school he applied for, and I’M SO PROUD OF HIM!! He’s done an amazing job!! And he’s earned it! 😍 We also got ourself an apartment!!! Thanks to Laust’s sister Lise!! 😍 She posted a story on her instagram and got a heaps of messages, and one of those messages had the perfect apartment for us!! 😍 It all seems unreal! I still can’t believe it! But everything is falling into place!!! 😍🙏🏼 


🍔 Thursday 

Isn’t it funny? (Short story) 

So I’ve noticed how a lot of people from my “past” or basically people I’ve gone to school with or hung out with in the past, are now following me on different media etc 

And also how a lot of those people have reached out to me.. and ever since I got married a lot of my so called “guy friends” have been in touch with me trying to get “some”?? When they know I’m married and that I’ve been friends with them for 3+ years??  

It’s absolutely disrespectful.. disgusting.. embarrassing.. I always thought the best of people.. but after that incident happened.. SEVERAL TIMES.. with a lot of people.. I’ve decided to cut everyone out..

People I grew up with, bullied me.. I was always on my own, unless people wanted to drag me in drama or make fun of me, or bully me.. it all started when I was 8 years old.. the school I went to wasn’t the best.. but I managed to make some good memories.. thanks to my teachers.. they were amazing! 

I was always left out.. picked last or never picked for any class activity.. I played on my own during recess.. but got harassed by the boys.. and picked on by the girls.. I was lucky enough to have my sister at the same school.. and I hung out with her and her mates.. 

But then we moved.. and we both ended up in a smaller school with people who thought they were WAY BETTER than every living thing on this planet.. 
I was on my own as well.. I met 3-4 girls in the 6th grade.. and we became good friends.. (so I thought??) people started making up rumours etc.. and I didn’t have a sharp tongue as I do now.. so I just went with it.. until teachers started getting involved.. in the past I never went to teachers when there was any trouble.. I didn’t want to be called a snitch and get bullied more.. 

But this time.. it wasn’t me either.. so the drama continued and my parents got involved.. I remember walking back in from lunch and hearing 2 of the girls I was friends with talk shit about me.. and then go to the teacher and complain about me saying “dania needs help” …

Later on in the 7th grade.. the bullying didn’t stop really.. but it was different ways of doing it.. I started going to the teachers now.. and asking for help.. but they really didn’t care. That school was definitely not good! Bjärehovskolan is probably one of the worst schools I’ve been to! I had a few teachers that were good, but the rest made it clear who their favourites were.. I remember one teacher didn’t care or even bother reading any of my work or grading it properly, so I asked another teacher to have a look at it, and she gave me a higher mark! I should’ve done that for every assignment now as I look back.. My teacher was ofcourse furious asking why I didn’t come to him.. but honestly.. he never came gave me a chance.. </3 I didn’t get the help I needed to achieve the grades I wanted.. but everyone else did.. I lost motivation, wasn’t focused anymore, rebelled.. and no one bothered helping me.. 

I somehow managed to graduate, decent grades.. and with only 2 friends on my side.. 

Highschool(s) .. I decided to study humanities and languages.. I really wanted to go to Katedralskolan.. but my grades weren’t high enough and the guidancecounsellor at my old school, wasn’t helpful.. she seemed to hate me and basically put me down all the time.. and since I never got any help with achieving my fullest potential.. well I still managed to get into the school I wanted.. and I made a lot of friends at that school! Katedralskolan was so good! The teachers were amazing, I actually got really good grades!! But since my motivation had dropped the year before.. I didn’t have any interest in doing much.. I got excellent grades for the stuff I handed in.. but then I dropped out.. I felt as if people looked down on me.. there were people in my class who thought of me as a lowlife etc.. but I did prove them wrong when my marks were way higher than theirs.. and the fact that I was barely attending.. 😂✌🏼

 I left that school and went ahead and got myself two jobs, continued working till after the summer when I enrolled at a different school, and started doing business! I also managed to make a lot of friends there, but then the bullying started again! I was friends with a lot of guys and everyone liked me! We all hung out and had a lot of fun! But there were some jealous girls in my class! I had ask.fm and they were apparently following me there?? I did now know that! Since it’s anonymous! And I did not even know they had accounts there?? So anyway! I started receiving hate, because I was asked what I thought of the way they dressed  etc and I just said something as a joke.. but they took it bad! But hey truth hurts right? 😂😘 I was attending JENSEN at the time.. so the drama continued.. I started receiving death threats, unimaginable hate.. and they blamed ME! That I’m the one sending them hate?? And threatened to report me to the police??????? They were the ones sending me, I never sent a single thing to their ask! I never even saw their accounts on ask.fm. And I was more than happy to hand in my phone and laptop to the police. But guess what??😂 They never did. Because they were the ones behind it. 

But they managed to make everyone hate me and bully me and harass me, make fun of me etc.. so well done✌🏼 The teachers were no help, they sided with no one and helped no one.. it wasn’t a good school.. but my grades were amazing! By the time I got them -.- They never Sent out my grades.. I had to spend 4 weeks emailing and calling trying to get them.. and they finally sent my grades when it was too late to apply for college in Glasgow.. so even the teachers “were out to get me” 
So I transferred myself to another school! Where I continued doing business! And the school I went to was far away from everyone I knew! So I thought.. I’d forgotten that it was close to the school I went to when I was 8.. but I looked way too different for anyone to recognise me.. and I was the bullied one don’t think they’d even remember my name! And luckily nobody ever did! ✌🏼 I started at DCC and it was so good! I made friends right away! And I’m still friends with the girls from there!! There was some drama.. and there is still some.. because honestly people try to hate and talk shit, but they couldn’t do that to me, my skin is thick as fuck! I’ve had years of practice ✌🏼😂

So now I’m at a college in Glasgow 👍🏼 

I’ve made friends here as well! There were some people who tried creating drama and bully me.. but haha it didn’t work. Because they’re older than me.. and childish af.. everyone at college is there to learn and get a degree.. it’s useless.. didn’t work and now I’m stronger than ever.. 

I’ve got friends that I know will last me a lifetime, and they’re wonderful, I’ve also got an amazing husband..💖

And for everyone who creeps on my snapchat, instagram, blog etc.. I already know.. and it’s funny how everyone regrets their behaviour✌🏼 I know I outshined you. And I know I’m way ahead of you.  Because I worked hard. And I didn’t let your mean words get to me. 

So don’t ever make fun of someone, or bully, or anything.. because one day you’ll regret it, and it will be too late.. 

I’ll never regret being nice to everyone even though they treated me badly. I’m able to sleep with a clean concisous. 

I have several people who I wish I remained friends with.. but now as a I look at it.. people grow apart for many reasons.. and sometimes you just realise some people aren’t worth your time.. and they’re only out to hurt you.. or use you.. so I’m glad I’ve cut many people out.. 

I’m so much happier with my life right now.. 


Isn’t it funny? (Short story)