At the moment: 🇭🇷

We’re currently at a restaurant relaxing, but earlier today we went sailing, and took a short dip in the ocean. It was colder than usual but it was alright. I got a bit seasick shortly after we got going, since I’m not used to sailing, IT WAS MY FIRST TIME EVER!!! But it was fun!! 

Here’s Laust enjoying a cold one when we got back to land 🍺 

I’ll post more pictures, videos etc later on. They’re still on my camera 😅 ☀️ 🌊 🚤 

And this is tonight’s outfit! Which is pretty much lingerie and a skirt.. 😅 

Outfit details: 

  • Body/teddy From Missguided 
  • Skirt From ROMWE 
  • Shoes From Missguided 
At the moment: 🇭🇷