Pancake Wednesday 🥞

We flew back to Copenhagen on Monday, the flight was comfy, and we weren’t that tired when we arrived, so we actually decided to take a stroll around the city before heading to our train.

We got on the train, and there was track/road work, so we were unable to take it al the way home. We had to take a bus and another train before we finally got to Aalborg. 

We’ve been here now for about 3 days and we’re basically just enjoying our last week of freedom before we get busy with the new flat and the moving in etc. 

Laust made us pancakes just now 🥞  and they taste SO GOOD. He really makes the best pancakes ever! 😍

Pancake Wednesday 🥞

I’m counting down to the day where I get to be back at my favorite restaurant with my favorite person ever.. ordering my favorite food&dessert.. Savoring every bite and taking in the wonderful atmosphere..

I always order the same thing, chicken fajitas and ice tea and god it’s so good!

And their Creme brûlée is incredible! Every bite feels like one step closer to being in heaven..

The restaurant is called Le Diamant and it’s located in the heart of the lively city of Copenhagen.

Take a walk along Strøget and stop by for a delicious meal that will have you feeling so so good. 😋