Flower crown 🌸 

I’m already missing this place! I can’t believe how fast time flies! It was only four days ago I was laying on a sunny beach β˜€οΈ without a care in the world! 
A few days before we started packing, we went sailing with Laust’s mum and Dad! It was so much fun! It was my second time sailing and I got seasick 😷!! 

We sailed to Tribunj and enjoyed a few drinks! 


I had a bottled cosmo and a bottled sex on the beach! Absolutely refreshing in that type of heat!

I’m incredibly lucky to have such an amazing mother in law! Everyone knows the horror of the in laws BUT GUESS WHAT! I don’t have any of that!! Laust’s mum and dad are the most chill and laid back in laws I’ve ever met! And they’re so kind and caring! And I can always be myself around them! And have a good time!

Me floating next to my mother in law Bente, in the incredible waters of Croatia! 

This picture was taken by Laust’s dad Sten, and it really captured how relaxing this entire trip has been β˜€οΈ 🌊 

Flower crown 🌸 

Christmas Eve πŸ‘€Β 

There’s always a first.. 

Got to celebrate our first Christmas together, and we did it the least traditional way abroad. At first we wanted to go down for dinner but ended up getting a few drinks 🍹 , and we left the bar tipsy, luckily I’m married to the greatest man ever who always takes good care of me πŸ’•  We had a lovely time nonetheless 😍

And nothing is too pricey here at all! The drinks are at €5 and shots are €1 each. Loving this island more and more!! xx 

Christmas Eve πŸ‘€Β