Day 5.

So far so good, after a somehow tumbling week we arrived 5 days ago and have since been busy enjoying ourselves. The sun is always shining and the water is WARM.

Sten, Jonas with the birthday boy on his shoulders, Bente and Laust
Laust and the birthday boy Frode.
Two days ago we celebrated Frodes birthday! He turns 1 next Monday, but we were invited to a pre birthday dinner with Laust’s family & friends.

Sten and Bente 

Michael and Villy 

Baby Frode πŸ‘Ά 

Laust and his dad Sten 

The dinner party consisted of 23 adults and children πŸŽ‰ 

Anker enjoying his water πŸ’¦ 

Laust casually not posing at all 

Sofie, Frode and Jonas

The birthday cakes πŸŽ‚ 

Lise, Bente and me. 

Mette and Bente. 

Jonas and Frode 

Anker and Sus. 

Christoffer and Celina. 



Day 5.


On Thursday when we celebrated Frodes birthday, we got served a bunch of delicious food! 😍

I believe it was 2-3 plates of lamb.

And a mixed salad for everyone. πŸ₯— 

I ordered fried turkey 😍 

And last but not least a surprise birthday cake for the birthday boy! πŸŽ‰ 🎈 


Detour πŸ‡¦πŸ‡Ή

We somehow ended up staying here longer than planned.. everything has been going well and smooth since we left Denmark. But after a nap at a petrol station in Austria, we had to stop, there was an issue with one of the tires, and we had to wait for help. A GENUINE SOS MOMENT. The feeling of being stranded was overwhelming! And after a couple of hours we got told that nothing can be done until Monday! 😩 
So we now have to spend another day in Austria! We are staying in Trieben at a lovely Austrian hotel with a breakfast buffet 😍 And this place is incredible! We ate breakfast and had another nap which made us all feel a lot better! Then we decided to go hiking! The view is unreal in this area, the air is so warm and yes it is very humid, but it’s so fresh! The hike was blissful! πŸ™πŸΌ 

*Laust and I truly enjoying this moment* 

* I of course needed Laust to “pose” a bit for the camera* 

* This particular view is breathtaking * #😍

* Laust’s mum and dad looking cute as always* 

* Laust’s mum Bente with Anker & Laust * 

After the hike we went to a cafΓ¨ for some beer, ice cream and coffee 🍺 🍦 β˜•οΈ 

🍻 * Laust and his dad Sten* 🍻

Detour πŸ‡¦πŸ‡Ή

Marble is marvellous πŸ‘…

About a week ago Laust and I decided to make our own furniture, that being a bed and a table. A coffee table. We couldn’t find anything we like in any shop. And we really don’t like having brand new stuff. It just isn’t us. 

So we decided to buy a piece of marble from an antique shop, and make our own table. We picked a design that is fairly easy. A frame and we are placing the marble on top of it. Using silicone glue. We’ve seen tables with marble, and some of it isn’t genuine marble, and others have legs that we don’t like. 

This project hasn’t been easy. It took us a while to figure out what we exactly want. 

Laust and his dad did the cutting while I helped with the polishing and measuring. 

We are not completely done. But so far so good. We still have a lot to do. 

Also today, we visited another antique shop where we bought a few other things! I’ll make a post about that later on! 


Marble is marvellous πŸ‘…

As promised!Β 

A while back I promised to share pictures from Laust’s 21st! And now that I’ve got the time, here they are!


Laust turned 21 on the 19th of May, we celebrated his birthday at his sisters house 🏑 We started off with a birthday breakfast and ended the day with dessert. In between that we got homemade pizza πŸ•
The day was delicious from start to finish! 

As promised!Β 

What happened to our generation?Β 

Have you ever wondered how us, “young” ones are doing? This isn’t an ‘article‘ for anyone born before 1997 by the way.

My thoughts are basically as follow.. how come we are the ones who get stuck most often? 

You see during the majority of my years growing up I have been struggling. With everything and nothing. And so has most of my friends and their friends and other people in their surroundings. And all ot those people have one thing in common. They are either born in 1997 or later. 

This makes me wonder? If our generation is the one that is easily influenced and easily disregarded? 

You see most of us don’t manage to accomplish that many great things without a huge amount of struggle. We tend to over analyse things, over think things and most of well we believe it is just critical thinking that is “helpful”. We try to please everyone including ourselves without feeling any guilt. And we often fail at this. As well failing to complete and achieve things. The generation born before us, 1996 and older have things figured out. They will always be more “grown up”. They will always be regarded as somehow superior. “Older & wiser” “more experienced” yet they are to experience what it’s like to be us. To be stuck. 

Simple things as, achieving those academic qualifications or passing any kind of test. We are stressed due to many things. Our world is very tech based, we are moving forward fast, (to some very slow)  And our mind is torn between being selfish and focusing on our selves by putting our own interest ahead of everyone just as the generations a before us. Or we could try and please everyone? Most of us believe that it is our duty to be different, to change the world, to make an impact, to have leave something good behind when we leave the living world. 

But how come we get judged and critized whenever there is something wrong? That isn’t of our doing? We are the generation that is easy to blame. Because we don’t talk back. Because we have to respect those who are “older and wiser”. We do our best. Yet it is never enough. 

There isn’t much we can do. But I believe there is one thing.

It is time for us to be selfish. It is time for us to focus on doing our thing. Without allowing any outside influence to penetrate our mind and poison our soul. 

Because we are young, we can be dumb, reckless and selfish. And we actually have every right to be. As long as we don’t harm ourselves our anyone else. We are not doing anything wrong. 

What happened to our generation?Β