Last minute always! 

So I woke up a bit later than I wanted today, since I have so much to do I’m kinda super stressed! 

I’ve already spent an hour trying to pack and relax at the same time! (It did not go well..) 

So far I’ve packed a few outfits but as always I’m 1000000738937% sure that I won’t wear all of them! So I’m trying to pack less! I haven’t even started packing any makeup or my laptop or camera! This is really bad! 
But on a more positive note! I’m trying the Crystal Collagen Gold powder eye mask! 😂😍

I’m exited to see if it actually works! 

It was difficult getting it out! So slippery! I did my best to make it stay on my face 😂 it smells nice though! 😍👌🏼

And so this is what I look like after using it for 20 minutes! I can see a difference already! But not that major! It’s less puffy and not as dark! It feels very moisturised and soft! 🙂 it was worth a try! 😅

Last minute always! 

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