Happiness Tea ☕️ 

As we walked in the area of downtown Amman, we stumbled upon a shop that had everything. One of the things that caught my eyes 👀 was this thing they called Happiness tea. I asked the man who runs the shop about it. He said that it’s supposed to make you sleep, relax and feel well. He said that it’s like a drug. 

So now I’ve made myself a cup. The content is basically leaves and tiny flowers. It tastes amazing! 

I already feel tired, and kinda sleepy. I hope it really works, because I need to sleep! I’ve been up since 8 in the morning and I fell asleep around 4 AM last night. This will be my last night here in Jordan since I’m heading for Stockholm tomorrow 🇸🇪. 

Happiness Tea ☕️ 

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