I’m back! 

A lot has happened lately.. it all started with me getting off the plane and wanting a fresh start. 

So I took a break where I have been indecisive about wanting to blog on here or try a differnt blog portal. But I can’t give this up now that I’ve come this far.

No matter how much hate I get, I won’t ever stop being me. 

I was supposed to be back in Glasgow on the 1st of May. But I just couldn’t.. the flight was delayed. I missed Laust too much. And I really couldn’t stand going back.. 

So I got off. Right before they closed the plane doors. Sounds very overdramtic and just like how it happens in all the movies. 
And yes it was just like that. That easy. And this break has been amazing. I’ve managed to get all of my work done. And I’ve barely got anything left except for the graded unit. Which I will be flying back for on the 15th. 

This has been a very stressful time. And I can’t believe this year is almost over.
I will continue blogging on here. And I will not ever let anyone’s hate get me down. 

I’m back! 

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