Food • Beach • Rocks • Sun • Selfies • Pizza • 

My day started off early! Woke up around 8 Am and went off for a breakfast buffet. I obviously got lost as always! This resort is so big but I somehow still ended up in a different one?? 😂 

Anyway.. afterwards I went to a supermarket, and as soon as I entered.. I realised that.. I don’t know how to buy groceries .. or how to cook anything… 😂 I ended up getting noodles and nuggets. 

The sun was shining and it kept getting warmer. So I went to the beach as soon as I was done at the supermarket! 

I spent a good 3 hours tanning, bathing and taking pictures while climbing rocks and slipping/tripping. ☀️ 

Then I went back to my apartment and tried to make myself lunch… I had forgotten to buy oil/butter.. and ended up with burnt nuggets.. but the noodles were good 👍🏼 

It was lovely eating in the sun! I have an amazing big balcony! 😍🙏🏼👌🏼

After lunch and a long sweet chat with Laust I went out for a walk, and to buy cigarettes 😂😩 The sun was still shining at 18:00 ☀️ And it was incredibly warm! 

I then got myself a pizza for dinner! 😍 I mean I really can’t control myself! But it was actually a pizza from the children’s menu because I wasn’t that hungry 😋 


Since then, I’ve been talking to Laust but he went to bed a few hours ago, and I decided to watch some TV and eat pistachios. But right now I’m craving the mango I’ve got in my fridge! 😍 


Food • Beach • Rocks • Sun • Selfies • Pizza • 

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