I’ve finally packed everything! And I’m ready for take off! So exited to finally be back in Portugal in less than 24 hours!! 😍

I had my nails done today and my watch resized!! (FINALLY!) I’ve not done my nails in months! 😦 but now they’re holiday ready!😍👌🏼 I also did my lashes! I’ll make a post about that later. 

I have also packed the essentials! Such as sunglasses, phone cover and a phone case for underwater pictures and videos!! 😍 My  Dior so real are finally being used! Barely used them in Spain and forgot to bring them with me to both France and Italy! 😦 </3 

I will also be bringing my camera, tripod, remote and laptop! 

And I’ll try not to be embarrassed when I take pictures when people are around because seriously WHO CARES! I’m on holiday on my own! And I don’t care who sees my photoshoots!!😂😂 

I’ve brought a long 3 different bikinis 👙 and a few dresses and that’s it! Makeup free holiday 😍🙏🏼



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