I can’t seriously be the only one who does her makeup when she’s bored?? Just to snap a few selfies right?? 


My latest obsession is with kylie cosmetics! Oh man that girl knows! I’ve been using her lip kits this entire week! And they’re marvellous! I’m so in love with Dolce K 😍 
The colours are amazing! They remind me a bit of some of the Nyx Matte edition, but it’s all good!! The dolce K seems way too similar to the nyx Abu Dhabi, which I’ve been to lazy and forgetful to pick up another pack of! 😦 but this lip kit compensates for it! 😍👌🏼 The shades are almost identical! The kylie lipkit is a little bit darker.. but it’s all good! 

My makeup 💄 today consisted of me using: 

  • Light cocoa (contour) 
  • Medium cocoa (contour) 
  • Pop of light (I use this as a very light shimmer, doesn’t give a highlighter glow) 

  • Maybe lime FIT me foundation 120 I apply this after concealing blemishes, scars etc, to basically even out everything. And sometimes to blend that cream contour. 

  • Bobbi Brown brow kit Mahogany&sadle (dark brown) I mix this up with gel (from H&M) for stronger hold and more definition. 

  • Sleek makeup cream contour kit (light 095) I use this kit as concealer for blemishes, scars, redness etc. And to contour obviously. 

  • NYX setting spray (Matte) I usually spray this on my blenders when I’m about to apply foundation or blend concealer/ cream contour. 

And I’ve not used any mascara since I’ve had my lashes done today! 😍 and as you can see they’re super long! I asked her to give me the longest she had! And oh man! They’re amazing! She did a very good job on both my nails and lashes! She was fast, and very lovely! 

Quigley hair & beauty in the Gorbals will now be my go to place for nails and lashes from now on! 



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