Soon 💕

In about two weeks I’ll be right next to my best friend again 💖 

I’ve got a few things left before I take off to Portugal 🇵🇹 and that is getting my nails and lashes done! I will be trying out a salon nearby, my mum has gotten good reviews about them from our neighbors and she’s got an appointment there herself for this weekend.

I’ll be getting an extension to my lashes and acrylic nails done 😍 It’s been a while since. 

And on Saturday I’ll be off to Portugal once again!! 🇵🇹 😍 

Back to one of my favourite places in the world 🌎  and I’ll get to enjoy every minute of this holiday!! Because it might honestly be my last for this month and next </3 The graded unit is coming up and my moving to another country is fast approaching too! And there simply isn’t enough time 😦 </3 

Oh well! I’ll try to make the best of everything!! 🙏🏼


Soon 💕

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