On the bus 🚌 

I thought I’d update real quick before I get home, because I’m not sure if I’ll have enough energy to instagram and make a long enough post about this trip.

 So I thought I’d summarise it. The images below are taken with my phone, I won’t be able to access anything I’ve taken with my camera till very late tonight </3 

So I met up with my man 💖 and we decided to just grab food and spend the first night at the hotel just us two.. 

The view from one of the windows. We stayed at Hotel Victoria, on the sixth floor. It was incredibly cozy. Lovely hotel, amazing staff. And a very good area. Everything was open all hours of the day. 

The following day, we decided to do some exploring, the weather was awful! But it really didn’t stop us! Although one of my camera lenses is completely ruined now.. but hey it’s worth it!! Paris is worth it 🇫🇷

We drank coffee 😍❤️ and walked about 15km all over town, we also travelled a lot by metro, it’s not as complicated as people think. We both thought it was way easier than Berlin 😱

Afterwards we picked up pizza 🍕 and chicken nuggets and spent a few hours in, napping and eating, before heading out again later. 

I’m on my way back to Glasgow (home for now) and I should prioritise getting some work done.. but I’m for certain that I’ll be transferring all the pictures we took to my laptop and spamming instagram and probably the blog over the next couple of days. 😅 


On the bus 🚌 

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