c’est la vie 

I’ve been quite busy doing coursework and spending time with my dad since he’s here for a few days 🇬🇧  We’ve celebrated he’s birthday a week earlier and he’s helped me figure out my next destination! ✈️ 

I’ve booked my next weekend off to Paris🇫🇷 !! I’m so exited! Me and Laust do this all the time, we meet up in different countries and do a lot of exploring! We’ll be staying at a hotel in town 😍  I CANT WAIT! 

I honestly thought that I wouldn’t travel in March other than Copenhagen as always and since that doesn’t count I wouldn’t have much to write about.. but oh boy I couldn’t keep that promise to my dad or myself or Laust 😂 

So it’s almost time for me to start packing and maybe order new outfits??😍 

And yes I will most likely do every couple thing there is to do in the city of LOVE with my favourite Laust 💖   

c’est la vie 

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