Day 2 ✨

Day 2 on the 30 day blog challenge! πŸ˜‹ 

I honestly don’t think that much of the future anymore, I was brought up to always think ahead.. but lately I’ve stopped doing that. Life’s too short and I don’t care to think about where I want to be.. I enjoy living in the moment although my mind does wonder off on its own every now and then.. 

Of course I have my dreams.. of owning my own place and creating a family,  having my dream job as an investment banker, or my other dream job as a stay at home mother.. or travelling the world endlessly.. never settling down anywhere and always being on the move and being free .. πŸ”± 
But in 10 years.. I hope I’ll be happy. That’s all I really genuinely want to be in 10 years. Doesn’t really matter how,  where, with who or anything..  βœ¨ 

Day 2 ✨

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