Life is too short ✌🏼

So lately I’ve been receiving a lot of hate on my blog. And it’s very unusual.. these things don’t tend to happen at my age.. and since everyone I know is either as old as me or actually older/way older.. it is very strange indeed and childish.

And these little things can never bring me down. And I already know who’s behind it. It’s childish behaviour that I’ve been experiencing since I was 12. Guess some people never actually grow up. 🙂

And honestly the fact that people can’t own up to what they’re commenting and can’t just say what’s bothering them from the start proves that I’ve done nothing wrong. Guess their life’s too boring and they’re so unhappy that they think they can just drag anyone down with them. But seriously you made your bed, lay in it.

Since they’re unwilling to clear things out they might as well continue living their lives being bitter, angry and jealous etc.


Life is too short ✌🏼

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