Back to college πŸ˜©

So this very short holiday is now over, and I spent my last day before college studying.. I managed to get some of my economics done and a bit of MPO too. But there’s so much more and I’m certain that my entire weekend will consist of me trying to catch up and making up for lost time..😩

I’ve made a promise to myself.. I’ll stop procrastinating on a purchase.. you see there’s this bag that I’ve had my eyes on for quite a while now.. and honestly I think I’ve managed to procrastinate buying it for like a year or so.. maybe less maybe more.. but I think now is the time.. I promised myself that at the start of next block I’ll make sure I reward myself with this beautiful thang😩😍😭

Obviously it’s one of my favourite brands and I’m obsessed and I’m not sure why it’s taking me so long?? Has anyone ever experienced that?? I’m always finding myself too busy to go get my nails done or dye my hair back to black or even buy myself anything?? Could it be a sign that I’m more aware of the value of money? Or is it that I’m genuinely busy? Sometimes even too busy to eat.. (I know I’m just as shocked) .. guess that’s just how life is sometime 😩😭 


Back to college πŸ˜©

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