Valentine’s Day πŸ˜•

This day is very different for the both us… we’re together but apart..  

I had the cutest idea a few weeks ago of getting Laust a necklace of my starsign for him to wear.. And I got myself one too!!😍 I know a lot of people don’t believe in this but I do.. and I sort of got Laust on board of this train too.. πŸ˜… 

He’s a Taurus and I’m a Sagittarius, the most unlikely match to last.. We’ve beaten all odds so far! And that makes me really happy.πŸ˜ƒ  We’re both stubborn, manipulating, crazy and obsessed about each other.. we both have the mindset of what’s mine is mine.. and the ‘I’m always right’ and somehow we both are always right about the same things and different things! But between all our conflicts.. we both share great passion that is not very common between our type of match ( sag & Taurus ) we’re meant to be incompatible.. we’re meant to not have any chemistry.. but boy let me tell you we do! And it keeps on growing and growing for each day! And that’s how I believe soulmates are.. complete opposites that are more alike than anything else.. “incompatible” star signs that prove all odds wrong.. ♉️♐️ 

I wish I could cancel this day though.. after realising who our real friends are and how some people aren’t who they claim to be.. I wish I could cancel the entire weekend and turn it into something that isn’t as cheap as a hostel and that’s more of our standards etc. But no matter what I had a wonderful time and enjoyed myself! And I’m so happy that nothing got in the way of that. 

I got to connect well with Laust again.. fell in love all over again too.. and got to see my friends and they got to see Laust and all four of us got along so wellπŸ’– I could not ask for any better friends❣️ They’re so genuine and real. 

And I won’t ever live with regret.. it’s silly.. because at some point everyone wanted this.. and to dwell on the past and sink as low as others.. it just isn’t me.. I’m blessed and happy and very fortunate to have Laust in my life.. and I’ll always wear him around my neck..πŸ’• 

Valentine’s Day πŸ˜•

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