I miss him so much.. 

Had one of the best weekends ever with my Laust💕

We spent Friday at Astoria hotel, Laust took me to my/our favourite restaurant Le diamant, we had a few drinks then went to a bar, Billy Booze, a few more drinks there and a game, then we went to another place, not so crowded.. very empty, but still cozy, I forgot the name of it..😂😫  Later on we decided to meet up with his mates, on our way there we befriend two amazing people, who joined us for the evening! We ended up at some club far away from town, it was so crowded and people were pushing to get in! But it was worth it!






We had a blast! And then we took an über back to the hotel😂😫 We were dead that morning mostly me obviously.. but we got to eat breakfast at the hotel 😍👌🏼

Hoped on the train back to Sweden and got to sleep for a few hours.. we spent most of our time just enjoying each others company🙏🏼 it’s uncertain when we’ll see each other again since I might not be able to have any time with all the coursework and college etc, but hopefully it’s soon…  💕💕

I miss him so much.. 

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