It’s been an exhausting week of college! Had a few assignments here and there, but it’s all fairly easy. The only thing I’m struggling with is accounting but it’s a difficult unit! I hope I’ll manage!

In the meantime to kick off this weekend that is jammed with studying hours I made kladdkaka😍😍 it’s one of my favourite Swedish desserts!

The recipe for this kladdkaka is:
Eggs (3)
Butter (150g)
Flour (2 dl)
Sugar (1 dl)
Cocoa powder (1 ½ table spoon)
Milk or Water (1 dl)

And the measurements depend on how many servings you’d like! I usually add milk or water if I want it to be very loose/soft and not too cakey.

Can’t wait for it to come out!! It tastes the best with whipped cream or ice cream! Why not even both! 😍😍


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