I’ve been so busy lately ever since I got back from Portugal. I took time to relax and get everything else I’ve had left done, it wasn’t a lot but it was just enough. And lately I’ve been mentally and physically drained so I basically spent most of my time rewatching the old episodes of Gilmore girls. AND NOW THE NEW SEASON HAS COME OUT AND I’M EXITED AS! watched a few episodes and ate a lot of pizza and garlic bread mmmm with my sister 😍🙏🏼

Right now I’m in bed facetiming Laust ❤️ And we’re both so very exited to see each other next week! I booked us a trip to Marseille-France for my birthday! ✈️ 🇫🇷 We’ll be staying down there for about two nights, we’ll be trying out some French restaurants/cafés and do some sightseeing if we’re not being too lazy.. ☺️


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