As promised!Β 

A while back I promised to share pictures from Laust’s 21st! And now that I’ve got the time, here they are!


Laust turned 21 on the 19th of May, we celebrated his birthday at his sisters house 🏑 We started off with a birthday breakfast and ended the day with dessert. In between that we got homemade pizza πŸ•
The day was delicious from start to finish! 

As promised!Β 

What happened to our generation?Β 

Have you ever wondered how us, “young” ones are doing? This isn’t an ‘article‘ for anyone born before 1997 by the way.

My thoughts are basically as follow.. how come we are the ones who get stuck most often? 

You see during the majority of my years growing up I have been struggling. With everything and nothing. And so has most of my friends and their friends and other people in their surroundings. And all ot those people have one thing in common. They are either born in 1997 or later. 

This makes me wonder? If our generation is the one that is easily influenced and easily disregarded? 

You see most of us don’t manage to accomplish that many great things without a huge amount of struggle. We tend to over analyse things, over think things and most of well we believe it is just critical thinking that is “helpful”. We try to please everyone including ourselves without feeling any guilt. And we often fail at this. As well failing to complete and achieve things. The generation born before us, 1996 and older have things figured out. They will always be more “grown up”. They will always be regarded as somehow superior. “Older & wiser” “more experienced” yet they are to experience what it’s like to be us. To be stuck. 

Simple things as, achieving those academic qualifications or passing any kind of test. We are stressed due to many things. Our world is very tech based, we are moving forward fast, (to some very slow)  And our mind is torn between being selfish and focusing on our selves by putting our own interest ahead of everyone just as the generations a before us. Or we could try and please everyone? Most of us believe that it is our duty to be different, to change the world, to make an impact, to have leave something good behind when we leave the living world. 

But how come we get judged and critized whenever there is something wrong? That isn’t of our doing? We are the generation that is easy to blame. Because we don’t talk back. Because we have to respect those who are “older and wiser”. We do our best. Yet it is never enough. 

There isn’t much we can do. But I believe there is one thing.

It is time for us to be selfish. It is time for us to focus on doing our thing. Without allowing any outside influence to penetrate our mind and poison our soul. 

Because we are young, we can be dumb, reckless and selfish. And we actually have every right to be. As long as we don’t harm ourselves our anyone else. We are not doing anything wrong. 

What happened to our generation?Β 

Graduation πŸ‘¨β€πŸŽ“Β 

My best friend graduated yesterday. Which is something I’ve never actually done, so I’m extremly proud of him! ❀️ 

It is genuinely difficult to have done all the things he has. Moving to another country and figuring it all out by himself and spending three years at a school working hard, not everyone can do that. Not everyone can move 1000km+ away from home. He has done well. He has succeeded. He has also worked very hard and earned it. I will always be proud of him and I will always look up to him ❀️ 

The plan was to celebrate his graduation at home and at a restaurant. But instead we all decided to drive to Sweden and be there for when he jumps out! 

And it was so much fun! He obviously didn’t expect it! Since he didn’t want anyone to go over there just for his sake. And I messeged him saying “everyone is feeling unwell” etc. He got a bit bummed out πŸ˜‚ but he was all happy and surprised  to see us all there! πŸ‡ΈπŸ‡ͺ❀️ 

Laust with his sisters, Lise & Sofie, and their babies 😍 

Laust’s mum, grandmother, sisters, babies, Michael, and me (behind the camera) 

This was when we all got there and were waiting for him to jump out. The event was held at Katrinetorp, and it’s a Swedish trandition to jump out after having completed the 3 years. And when you jump out, your family is there to greet and congratulate you. πŸ‡ΈπŸ‡ͺ 

Graduation πŸ‘¨β€πŸŽ“Β 

Happiness Tea β˜•οΈΒ 

As we walked in the area of downtown Amman, we stumbled upon a shop that had everything. One of the things that caught my eyes πŸ‘€ was this thing they called Happiness tea. I asked the man who runs the shop about it. He said that it’s supposed to make you sleep, relax and feel well. He said that it’s like a drug. 

So now I’ve made myself a cup. The content is basically leaves and tiny flowers. It tastes amazing! 

I already feel tired, and kinda sleepy. I hope it really works, because I need to sleep! I’ve been up since 8 in the morning and I fell asleep around 4 AM last night. This will be my last night here in Jordan since I’m heading for Stockholm tomorrow πŸ‡ΈπŸ‡ͺ. 

Happiness Tea β˜•οΈΒ 

Quick update πŸ‡―πŸ‡΄Β 

I flew to Amman, Jordan with my dad and his uncle for a gathering with the family. 

We’ve been here for a few days and we’ve had a blast since we got here! Unfortunately I didn’t bring my laptop so I haven’t been able to upload any of the pictures that were taken with the camera πŸ‘ŽπŸΌ 

But it’s alright! I have 3 weeks in June where I won’t be travelling or busy so I will be able to update on what I’ve been up to all these months! 

Here are a few snaps taken with my phone:

My and my dad looking at ruins from the Romanempire. My dad, his uncle and I were on our way downtown and decided to stop there and look around. It’s stunning! The only thing left for me to see is Greece! And then I’ve seen all of the ruins from the Romanempire!!! 😍

This used to be the theatre! 🎭 At the centre the actors and singers would stand and perform. The echo ensures that everyone hears them. The theatre was created in a way to enable great loud echo when standing in the centre of the scene. And it used to seat thousands of people all year around.  (Approximately 6000 people were seated each time) 

We went to a few restaurants too, I got to eat my favourite shish kebab, and shawarma as well as biryani. And loads of hummus! 😍

Today I decided to switch it up and get a BBQ chicken pizza and halloumi cheese! 😍

I’ll make sure I update and share all the amazing pictures we snapped!! 

Quick update πŸ‡―πŸ‡΄Β 

Birthday cake πŸŽ‚Β 

Laust turned 21 on the 19th of May, and since I’ve not had time to blog really, I haven’t been able to upload any of the pictures from his day. They’re still on my camera!! 😑 But I’ll make time for it soon! 
Until then, here are pictures of the cake I made him! It’s a strawberry πŸ“ cake! Filled with whipped cream and strawberry marmalade! Absolutely delicious! 

And it just so happened to be 9 layers OF DELICIOUSNESS …. πŸ˜πŸ‘ŒπŸΌ

Birthday cake πŸŽ‚Β 

Always on the move:Β 

I know it has been a while since I last updated here. But I’ve been so busy! Which isn’t really an excuse because I truly hate excuses. 

Anyway,  I stayed in Copenhagen until yesterday and now I’m back in Glasgow. It was a very short stay since I’m on my way to the airport just now again. 

I am completely done at college, Laust and I have a flat of our own now, we have received our acceptance to the courses we’re starting in the fall.  

And our summer holiday is booked. We’ll be spending our summer at his mums and dads house. And then we’ll head to Croatia  for 14 days!! 😍 β˜€οΈ πŸ‡­πŸ‡· 

Always on the move:Β